Social Media Policies

Are you at risk?

Many organizations have a very restrictive social media policy that may cause the organization to face a lawsuit which can cost them a lot of money, loss of time and resources to defend their policy and a negative outcome in the media.

Organizations do not want their employees to make disparaging comments about their organization, their customers, vendors, or coworkers and may state this in their policy.  Many organizations also state that their employees must refrain from discussing salaries on social media.

If an organization terminates the employee for these violations, the organization may end up with a financial burden of back pay, forward pay (only in the state of West Virginia) and punitive damages.

Organizational Policies

The Risks Associated With Non-compliance with Employment Laws
We have found that over the years many companies simply grow faster than their personnel processes. That means, from the one or two people who started the company many years ago, the company has now grown to 15, 20, 30 or more employees, without corresponding growth in the personnel processes that are vital for the company to have in place. Organizations can be at significant risk without policies that are fully compliant with various state and federal labor laws.

There have been many recent court cases where employers were ordered to pay large fines for violating the Fair Labor Standards Act, Americans with Disabilities Act, Family Medical Leave Act and others.

Most small businesses cannot a afford a full-time Human Resources professional on the payroll, but they still need help in meeting legal employment requirements. Managers Resource Group, Inc. can provide a cost effective solution to any type of organization.