PuzzleIt is refreshing to meet the leader of an organization that is performing at an “OK” level at the current time, who also recognizes that their organization is capable of, or needs to perform at higher level.  Managers Resource Group, Inc. is able to work with organizations who want to lift their level of performance significantly, to engage in a true organizational transformation.

Organizational Transformation is not just another “buzz word” or term for doing the same old thing but with better results.  Our use of the term Organizational Transformation process is not about improving results from existing processes.  It is about changing the way we do things, where we are not looking at all of the same Key Performance Indicators that we have looked at in the past, with the same organizational structure, but in evolving the mindset of the organization to approach things differently to achieve much improved results.

We spend the time getting to know the organization; establishing a benchmark for their current results; assessing the structure, climate, customers, suppliers, core processes, systems, along with their strategy.  Understanding the organization’s strategy is key to the transformation process.  Strategy is a set of conscious choices about how an organization will deliver value to its customers and distinguish itself from its competitors.  Strategy lays the foundation for future success.

Once we have established the benchmark of where the organization is today, and a pretty clearly defined strategy of where it wants to be in the future, we can help them develop the tactical and strategic plans that serve as the roadmap to get them where they want to be.

For many years, this is an area that we have been very successful in; helping organizations grow and thrive.